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Contemplative Life
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The Gift of Life
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The Gift of Life

Death & Dying, Life & Living

Author/Artist: Thomas Keating
Format: 2-Cd's
Price: $29.00
Product ID: 9626

The Gift of Life

Death & Dying, Life & Living

Thomas Keating


Carl J. Arico

During four days  in December 2010, Fr. Thomas sat with Fr. Carl Arico, his long-time friend, colleague, and founding member of Contemplative Outreach in an intimate conversation focused on the transformative process of death and dying as part of, rather than the end of, life’s journey. The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living offers a vision of hope and a view of reality that counter the cultural norms that view death as a tragedy, or the end of living, or an entry into harsh judgment and retribution.

As Fr. Thomas notes in the series:

The dying process is the culmination or peak of development –

the whole development –

of the spiritual journey

in which the total surrender into God

involves the gift of life itself.


Topics covered:

  • INTRODUCTION, 2 tracks, 10 min.
  • PROLOGUE, 2 tracks, 6 min.
  • STAGES OF DYING, 3 tracks, 16 min.
  • SUFFERING, 3 tracks, 15 min.
  • JUDGMENT AND MERCY, 2 tracks, 12 min.
  • AFTER DEATH, 3 tracks, 21 min.
  • THE CROSS, 3 tracks, 20 min.
  • THE MYSTERY OF GOD, 3 tracks, 16 min.
  • THEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS, 2 tracks, 13 min.
  • COMING HOME, 2 tracks, 11 min.


Reflection Book and 2 CD's

Audio Tracks

Tracks with the speaker icon have sample clips. Click the title to listen.

  Track Title Length
5.   Stages of Dying 00:04:30
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