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Contemplative Life
12995 N. Oracle Rd.
Suite 141-405
Tucson, Arizona 85739
Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation
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A Sincere Form of Prayer

Author/Artist: Laurence Freeman, OSB
Price: $10.95
Product ID: 6345-1

A Sincere Form of Prayer

Laurence Freeman, OSB

To be sincere, Fr Laurence says, is to give the gift of ourself, to give our attention.  But paying attention is difficult - the ego makes compelling demands.  Attention needs to be learned.  In meditation, as we put aside intentions to say the mantra lovingly and attentively, returning to it faithfully when distracted, we learn the discipline of attention.  We are fully present to the indwelling Holy Spirit, open, and available.  In this sense, meditation can be discribed as a sincere form of prayer.

Fr Laurence is a Benedictine monk of the Olivetan Congregation and director of The World Community for Christian Meditation.



CD Track Description Time
1- A Sincere form of Prayer
1 A Sincere Form of Prayer
2 The Way of Meditation - 1 8:49
3 The Way of Meditation - II 10:23

4 Medittion and Discipleship
5 Freedom from the Ego
6 Paying Attention
7 The Teaching of Jesus on Contemplation - I

8 The Teaching of Jesus on Contemplation - II



Audio Tracks

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  Track Title Length
1.   A Sincere Form of Prayer 00:05:47
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