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Contemplative Life
12995 N. Oracle Rd.
Suite 141-405
Tucson, Arizona 85739
Listening to the Daily News
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Listening to the Daily News with a Contemplative Heart

Rev. Glenda Meakin

Author/Artist: Rev Glenda Meakin
Format: 2-CD's
Price: $14.95
Product ID: 9131

Listening to the Daily News with a Contemplative Heart

Rev. Glenda Meakin

These four talks offer reflections on the ways Christian Meditation enables us to listen to the daily news and respond to the needs of the world from a place of compassion, justice and love.  Rather htan being overwhelmed by the daily news, we learn, through the practice of meditation, to offer our talents and resources in humility and service.  In meditation we discover the inner resources, the insight and the grace to do our small part in healing of the world.

CD1 Talk 1

     Track 1: 8:48  Cleansing the Temple

     Track 2: 13:05

Talk 2

     Track 3:   15:02   The Power of Words

     Track 4:    11:20

     Track 5:    12:07

CD2  Talk 3

     Track 1:  13:57  Guarding the Heart

     Track 2: 14:47

Talk 4

     Track 3: 14:18

     Track 4  13:40

     Track 5: 13:36



Audio Tracks

Tracks with the speaker icon have sample clips. Click the title to listen.

  Track Title Length
2.   Cleansing The Temple 00:02:20
1.   Guarding The Heart 00:002:10
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