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Contemplative Life
1171 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd.
Suite 161
Oro Valley, Arizona 85755
Here are some sample tracks from our music CDs and tapes and audio books and seminars. Click the product name to go to the product page. Click on an audio track link to hear that track. Files are in .mp3 format and can be played in Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and nearly any other audio player. Note: Some of these files are large and may take a while to download and play.
"Man to Man," A Message of Contemplatives to the World (1967)
A Message of Contemplatives to the World
A Blessed Day Has Dawned
Hymn: Christe redemptor omnium
Sopra il fieno colcato
A Lever and a Place to Stand
Affirming Teaching of John Main
Give Your Life Away
John Main and Theme
Paradox and Mystery
World Demographics
A Lever and A Place to Stand - Richard Rohr CD Set
Affirming Teaching of John Main
CD 1 -John Main and Theme
CD 2 - Paradox and Mystery
CD 3 - World Demographics
CD 4 - Scapegoating
Give Your Life Away
A New Way of Seeing.. A New Way of Being
A New Way of Seeing...
A New Way of Seeing... CD2
A Retreat with Thomas Merton
A Retreat with Thomas Merton
A Retreat with Thomas Merton
A Retreat with Thomas Merton
A Simple Way- Laurence Freeman OSB
Meditation A Sincere Form of Prayer
Meditation Preparation and Silence
A Sincere Form of Prayer
A Sincere Form of Prayer
A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
Sesion One - Richard Rohr
Session One Introduction - Paula D'Arcy
Alive in Christ
Rhythm of Prayer
Aspects of Love 1
Audio Sample
Aspects of Love 2
How to Love Humanity
Loving Ourselves
Aspects of the Spiritual Life
Death and Dying
New Beginnings
Our Original Goodness
The Present Moment
Awakening - Cyprian Consiglio and John Pennington
Circle Song
Shine On Me
Awakening in Love
All you nations
I give my work to you, Lord
Miserere nobis, Domine
Take, Lord
Being Present - Laurence Freeman
Music and Complete Teaching - Why do we Meditate
The Best Way to Learn Is By Practice
Blessings Peace and Harmony (Monks of the Desert)
Kyrie III
Rorate caeli
Salve Mater
Blowing Bamboo - Robert A. Jonas
Daiwagaku 2.4
Kyo Rei 2.8
Matsu Kaze 2.4
Cancer as a Turning Point (Volume I)
Cancer as a Turning Point Sample Clip
Cancer as a Turning Point (Volume II)
Cancer as a Turning Point Sample Clip
Am I a Caring Person?
Caring for Oneself
Fear that there is no one to care
Chant: Music For The Soul
Agnus Dei
Antiphon "In Paradisum" et Psalmus 121
Stift Heilgenkreuz Bells
Christian and Islamic Theology
Islam's Challenge to Christian Theology
Christian Meditation
An Introduction to Meditation Practice
Encountering God in Our Brokenness
The Experience of Transcendence in Everyday Life
The Infinite Generosity of God
We are Already in the Midst of What we Seek
Christmas at St. Michael's Abbey - Chants for the Three Masses of Christmas
Missa in Aurora - Alleluia
Missa in Nocte: Introit
Christmas in the Cloister
6173 Christmas Midnight Mass
Silent Night
Christmas The Night Office: Vigils
Hodie Nobis De Caelo
Laissez paistre vos bestes
Verbum Caro Factum Est
Christmas: Midnight Mass and Mass of the Day
A Solis Ortus
Christe Redemptor
Dominus Dixit
Communitas Vol. 1
Beyond Technique
Commitment to Simplicity
Leaving Distractions Behind
Complete Chants
Adoramus te, Domine Deus
Calm Me, Lord
Inpoured Spirit
Kyrie eleison
Miserere nobis, Domine
O Give Thanks to the Lord
Contemplation and Action
CD 1 - Track3
Contemplative Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Emotional Sobriety: Rewiring our Programs for 'Happiness'
Emotional Sobriety Clip
Essential Teaching
An Introduction to Christian Meditation
Falling Upward
Falling Upward
Finding True Meaning and Beauty
Beauty Comes from God
Finding True Meaning and Beauty
Fire of Love
Jesus Is Our Joy
The Lord Is My Joy
Fountain of Life
Adoramus te, Domine Deus
Kyrie eleison
From Brokenness to Wholeness
Meditation and Compassion
The Suffering Servant
Fruits of Meditation
From Failure to Fruits
Great Themes of Paul
Great Themes of Paul
Gregorian Anthology
Introit: Puer
Responsory: Christus factus
Gregorian Chant: The Definitive Collection
Pange Lingua
Requiem Mass - Kyrie
Requiem Mass - Pater Noster
Gregorian Melodies Popular Chants
Chant of Adoration: Adoro te
Hymn: Veni Creator
Prose: Rorate Caeli
Gregorian Melodies Popular Chants II
Alleluia: Confitemini Domino
Hymn: Condistor Alme
Sprinkling, Eastertide: Vide Aquam
Habits of the Heart
CD 1 - Power of Silence
CD 2 - Discovering Who We Are
CD 3 - Developing Good Habits of the Heart
CD 4 - Finding Spiritual Friendship
CD 5 - What is Goal of Meditation
Harmony in the Soul
A Listening Heart
Entering Into Union With God
Longing For Depth
Our Hunger for God
Prayer Is About Reality
Religion Can Unify
Shelf Knowedge- The Work of the Soul
The Deepest Desire of Our Hearts
The Meaning of Prayer
The Role of Prophecy
The Shadow Side
Virtues of Patience
Were We Are Now
Wisdom Born From Experience
He Has Heard My Voice - Psalm of Faithfulness and Hope
Psalm 116
Psalm 24
Heart of the World - Thomas Keating OCSC
Heart of the World - Introduction
Her Music for Advent & Christmas
Adoramus te, Domine Deus
Christus natus est
Silent, surrendered
Her Music for Forgiveness
Come Lord
Miserere nobis, Domine
Prayer for Peace
Her Music for Harp
Christus natus est
Fountain of Life
Inpoured Spirit
Her Music for Healing
Calm me. Lord
Keep watch with me
Prayer of St. Teresa
You are the centre
Her Music for Lent & Holy Week
Come to Me
Come, Lord
Her Music of Joy
Send Forth Your Spirit
Veni Lumen Cordium
Her Music of Mystery
Inpoured Spirit
Her Music of Simplicity
Adoramus te, Domine Deus
Calm Me, Lord
Hidden Treasure and Fine Pearls- Laurence Freeman OSB
Pearl of Great Price
Hildegard of Bingen - Woman of Light
Woman of Light
Woman of Light CD3
His Love Endures Forever
Psalm 136
Psalm 96
How Do We Get Everything to Belong?
Can East teach West
Moving Beyond Mind
Stop Believing the Game
Images of Meditation
A Violin String
Coming Home
In the Beginning
The Sound of the Mantra ( The Complete Track)
In Times of Anxiety
Commitment to Reality
Spiritual Growth
The Path to Truth
Intimacy: The Divine Ambush- New! Richard Rohr - James Finley
Intimacy: The Divine Ambush
Intimacy: The Divine Ambush
Into Great Silence: Office of the Night
Our Father
Psalm 28
The Book of Perfection II
Into Silence
Aad Guray
Moola Mantra (Incantation)
Om Namo (The Essence)
Is There A Way Through?
Fr. Freeman- Religion In Culture
Fr. Keating - Two Books of Revelation
Fr. Keating - What is Human Nature
Fr. Keating- Changing Your Idea of God
Fr. Laurence - Contemplation as the Way Thru
Jesus and Buddha: A Dialogue between Laurence Freeman and the Dalai Lama
Discussion with Dali Lama
Relationship with Jesus
Jesus as Liberator - Paul as Liberator
Jesus as Liberator
Paul as Liberator
John Main 1926-1982 A Celebration of His Life and Spiritual Legacy Memorial Eucharist
Music: Prayer of St. Patrick
Journey of Faith (Richard Rohr)
Journey of Faith
Learning to Live A Contemplative Way of Life- CD Set James Finley
Discerning the first stirring of the mystical phases of Contemplative Living
Find your practice, find your teaching, find your community
Learning to be a beginner in Contemplative Living
Learning to Life a Contemplative Way of Life
The three questions and the renewed commitment to the path
Lessons for the Living from the Dying
Attention of the Caregiver
Suffering and the Determinants of Healing
Letting Go
Light in Our Darkness
Chant for Instruments
Your Word is a Lamp
Listening to the Daily News with a Contemplative Heart
Cleansing The Temple
Guarding The Heart
Living Contemplatively
The Solitary Life
The Sweetness of Solitude
Living in the Present Moment- CD
Cycle of Spiritual Growth - 2:12
Finding What We Lost - 2:05
Spirituality of Daily Life - 2:46
The Divine Absence - 2:10
When The Mind Becomes Still - 2:12
Work of Living In The Present Moment - 2:53
Living Without A Why: Meister Eckhart's Mysticism
Living Without A Why
Living Without Stress or Fear- Thich Nhat Hanh
Cultivationg right thinking
The basic condition of happiness
Transforming fear and despair
LORD Teach Us to Pray
The Fruits of Meditation
The Treasure of the Kingdom
What is Prayer?
Lost in Meditation: Meditative Gregorian Chants
Halleluja: Dies Sanctificatus
Hymnus: Creator Alme Siderum
Hymnus: Veni Creator
Love & Desire
Transformation of Desire
Truth and Insight
Understanding the Nature of our Desires
What Happens In Meditation With Desires
Loving the World
Contemplative Wisdom
How to Meditate
The Contemplative and The Active
What Prayer Means
Many Paths, One Joy
Pie Jesus
Precious Lord
Map of the Journey
Map of Journey
Margaret Rizza Instrumental Music - Icons 1
Inpoured Spirit
Kyrie eleison
O Give Thanks to the Lord
Meditating as a Christian
Meditating as a Christian
Meditatio - Dwelling in Love
Meditation and Christian Life
Meditation and Priesthood
Meditatio - Rain for the Sea
Contemplation and Love
The Experience of Knowing
Meditatio Talks - Gerry Pierse CSsR Series B
The Humility of Meditation
What is a Good Meditation?
Meditatio Talks- Gerry Pierse CSsR Series A
Is The Mantra Prayer
Sticking to One Way
The Humility of Meditation
A New Understanding of Faith
Christian Faith
Stages of Faith
Meditation with Children
Christian Meditation in Townsville Schools (Dr. Cathy Day)
Does God Have Favorites - Laurence Freeman
How Silently the Wondrous Gift is Give ( Rev John Stroyan)
Meister Eckhart's Living Wisdom
Who is Meister Eckhart?
Moon on the Water
Yoru No Uta
Music for Healing & Unwinding
Healing Music I
Journey Home
The Snowman
Music for Quiet Prayer
Adoro te devote
Ave Maria
Concerto for Oboe in D minor (Adagio-Albinoni)
Peace be with you
Quem Vidistis
Spirit of the Living God
Suite No. 3 in G major (Air-JS Bach)
Music Into Silence- Margaret Rizza
Music Into Silence
My Happy Heart
My Happy Heart
My Happy Heart
Mystics, Muslims and Merton
Lecture Sample One
Lecture Sample Two
New Life From Ruins - Robert A. Jonas
A Prayer of Protection
Psalm 139
New Vision of Reality
Dualism Into Non Dualism
NEW!!! Awakening Bell
Awakening Bell
Officium Divinum- Margaret Rizza
Evening Prayer - 'Sweet Dreams, Form A Shade
Midday Prayer- 'Twenty-Third Psalm'
Morning Prayer - 'The Night Has Passed'
Night Prayer
Father Freeman
Father Keating
Open Our Hearts
I Will Never Forget You
Open Our Hearts - Christian Meditation for Children
Peace, Laurence Freeman OSB
Jesus' Teaching on Prayer
Our Relationship to Jesus
Q&A Just War, The Only Way
The Gift of Peace
The Peace of Unity
Practical Wisdom
Practical Wisdom
Practical Wisdom
Practical Wisdom
Practising Dying
Always Breathe Christ
Mary as a Model of Prayer
Prayer and Growth in Christian Life
Christian Nonviolence
The Genuine Center
Prayer in the 21st Century - Laurence Freeman
Prayer and Forces of Change
Two Ways of Experiencing Life
Prophets Then, Prophets Now
Fr. Richard Rohr
Sr. Joan Chittister
Questions on Meditation
Questions on Meditation
Radical Simplicity - John Main Book & CD
How to Meditate
Meditation As a Disapline
The Basic Doctrine
Radical Simplicity - John Main CD
How to Meditate
Meditation As A Disapline
The Basic Doctrine
Redheart - Indian Summer
Northern Lights
Stillness Of The Moment
Summers Gone
Sacrament: The Christian Mysteries
Christian Mysteries Introduction
Saint Benedict
Antiphon: Hodie S. Benedictus
Antiphons: Lauds
Introit: Os lusti
Sequence: Laeta Dies
Savae Ancient Echoes
Abwoon- (Our Father) Full Track
I Will Sing Songs to God
Psalm 114
Seeing the World in a Grain of Sand
Art and Poetry
Our Fellowship with Nature
Seeking Peace
The Invitation of Jesus
Why Did Jesus Die- Fr. Richard Rohr
Selected Talks: The Hunger for Depth and Meaning
The Grand Poverty of The Mantra
The Theology of Prayer
Short Talks on Meditation Bundle
Practical Wisdom
The Eye Of Love
The Gift of Being
Silence of the Soul
Introduction to Prayer of the Heart
Talk 1. Prayer and Union
Singing With Mary and the Saints
Gaudeamus (Let us rejoice), All Saints (11/1)
Magna est gloria (Great is the glory), St. Matthew (9/21)
Tu, puer (You, O child), St. John the Baptist (6/24)
Songs & Prayers from Taizé
Bless The Lord
Laudate omnes gentes
Veni Sancte Spiritus
Songs and Prayers-2
Come to Me
Fountain of Life
Prayer of St. Patrick
Spirituality in a Secular Age
Addition to Grace
Living In The Present Moment
Meditation in Inter-Religious Dialogue
Spiritual Life in a Secular Age
The One Thing Necessary
The Prayer of the Heart
Two Lenses
Taste and See - Frans De Ridder
God All in All
How to Meditate
Prayer without Ceasing
Saying Prayers and Praying
The Art of Happiness - Laurence Freeman OSB
A Paradigm Shift
A Very Sure Guide
Losing and Finding
Soul Rest
The Dynamic of Desire
The Art of Letting Go
The Art of Letting Go
The Authority of Those Who Have Suffered (Richard Rohr)
The Authority of Those Who Have Suffered
The Book of the Heart
Into the Book
Teaching from Experience
The Chants of Christmas (Gregorian Chant)
Introit: Hódie sciétis
Introit: Puer natus est nobis
Salve regína
The Contemplative Dimension of Faith (NEW)
Faith and Belief
The Practice
The Spiritual Fruits
The Contemplative Executive
Meditation & Work
The Ethical Mind
The Global Crisis
The Road Less Traveled
The Door to Silence - First Time CD's
Creative Energy
The Ego 1
The Ego
The True Self
The Eleventh Step, Laurence Freeman OSB
Addiction and Grace
Meditation and the Twelve Step Program
The Enneagram & Grace- Richard Rohr-Russ Hudson (Hear Sample Audio on Product Page
Law of Seven- Enneagram as a Process
Richard Rohr, Order and Disorder
Russ Hudson- Love Poems from God
The Essential Teaching- Fr. Laurence Freeman
Secular Meditation & Meditation
The Practice of Meditation
The Teaching of Jesus on Prayer
The Essentials of Christian Meditation- Laurence Freeman
How to Meditate
Why Meditate
The Eye of Love
Practical Wisdom
The Eye of Love
The Eye of Love
The Eye of Love
The Gift of Being
CD 1 - Track 1 Part A
CD 1 - Track 1 Part C
CD 1 - Track 1 Part D
CD 1 - Track 1 PartB
The Gift of Life
Stages of Dying
The Gift of Love
God's Love As Experienced In Jesus
How to Meditate
The Goal of Life
The Goal of Life
The Healing of the Human Condition
Attitudes towards God
Developing a Relationship with God
Divine Therapy in the Inner Room
The Heart of John Main's Essential Teachings
Finding Our Way
Introduction and John Main Meditation Prayer
Purpose of Meditation
Why We Should Meditate
The Hunger for Depth and Meaning - John Main
Fullness of Being
Living In The Present Moment
Purity of Heart
The Theology of Prayer
The Life and Teaching of Dom John Main
Attraction to Reality
Fr. John being a monk, a beginning not the end
Fr. John Taught From Experience
Fr. John's Introduction to Meditation
Fr. John's Life as a Parable
Fr. John's Period of the desert
Meditation As A Discipline
Turning Point in Fr. John's Life
Way We Accept Way of Our Own Being
Why John Main Became A Monk
The Mindful Way through Depression
The Mindful Way through Depression
The Pema Chödrön Audio Collection
Great Suffering Brings Great Compassion
Mindfulness Awareness Practice
The Nature of Compassion
The Power of Prayer
Caroline Myss Sample
The Prophet's Freedom
The Feminine Mystique
The Prophetic Vision: Standing Outside the Status Quo Disc 2
Yoga as a Way of Life
The Purpose of Life
Love & Paying Attention
Love of Self, of Others, of God
Quest or Nest?
The Search for Wholeness- Hear Sample Audio on Product Page
The Search for Wholeness
The Shape of a Wave
CD3- Track 2
CD4- Track 1
CD5- Track 2
Contemplation of God
The Nature of Waves
The Shape of God's Affection
Historic background- the homo-social world
Polytheism in the Old Testament
The beginnings of Church structure
The deathless one
The problems
The Shape of incidence
The Soul, The Natural World and What Is
Track 2
The Tradition of Meditation
Experience Embedded in Faith
Hunger for Depth and Meaning
The Conferences of John Cassian
The Transformative Experience of Meditation- Kim Nataraja
Health Benefits of Meditation
Images of God
The Healing of Suppressed Emotions
The Virus of Perfectionism
A Thorn in the Flesh
Small Acts of Kindness
The Joy and Peace of Christ Within Us
The Tip of The Iceberg
The Way of Peace
Fr. Laurence Freeman - Introduction
Fr. Richard Rohr 'Do We Use Jesus to Justify Violence?'
The Way of Peace
The Way of Peace
The Way of Peace
The Way of Peace
The Way of Peace
The Way of Peace
The Word of All Life
Fountain of Life
Talk 1
Thou Art All Things
Therese of Lisieux
Therese: Disciple and Spouse of Jesus of Nazareth
Therese: Mentored by Teresa and John
Therese: The World She Live In
Thomas Merton and St. Bernard of Clairvaux
The First Life of Bernard by William of St. Thierry
Thomas Merton On Contemplation
Cassion on Prayer
Thomas Merton on Sufism
Awareness of Love in an Awake Heart- Thomas Merton
Contemplation and the Modern Man
Fr. Anthony Ciorra- Introduction
Knowledge of God- Thomas Merton
Mystical Traditions - Thomas Merton
The Mystical Life - Thomas Merton
Thomas Merton Vatican II
Thomas Merton Vatican II
Thomas Merton Vatican II
Thomas Merton Vatican II CD 3
Thomas Merton's Great Sermons
Sermon "Prose and Poetry on the Passion of Christ"
Sermon on Easter
Sermon on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Sermon on the Trinity
Thomas Merton's Lectures on the 12 Degrees of Humility
Thomas Merton - 12 Degrees of Humility
Thomas Merton's Lectures on William Faulkner and Classical Literature
Thomas Merton Comments on Faulkner 'The Bear'
Thomas Merton- Ways of Prayer: A Desert Father's Wisdom
Frequent and Constant Prayer
Our Father: Part One
The Life of Prayer
Thomas Merton: Medieval Monastic Movements
Regularis Concordia
Tenth-Century English Monasticism
Thou Art My Refuge - Psalms of Salvation and Mercy
Psalm 102
Psalm 142
Psalm 51
Time for Prayer: Meditation Timer
How to Meditate
Instrumental Music
Open Our Hearts
Time Peace
Benedictus (Music)
How To Meditate by John Main
Opening Prayer by John Main
To Pray in Beauty-Cistercian Nuns of Mount Saint Mary's Abbey
Alleluia: Deus Judex
Communion: Videns Dominus
Hymn: Ave Maris Stella
Introit: Dominus Dixit
To the Monks of Gethsemani Abbey
Why are We Here?
Transformation, Yes, And...Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr
Fr. Richard Rohr "Do We Use Jesus to Justify Violence?"
Way of Peace: Fr. Laurence Freeman - Introduction
Transforming the World through Contemplative Prayer
Laurence Freeman
Richard Rohr
Transforming Trauma
Transforming Trauma
Different Ways of Seeing
God's Pure Gift of Self
Q&A Finding God in the Poor
The Gospel Message In A Secular Age
Twelve Talks for Meditators
Introduction to the Twelve Talks
The Tradition of the Mantra
Understanding Islam
Introduction: Understanding Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam
Voice of the Blood
Instrumental Piece
O Ecclesia
O orzchis Ecclesia
O rubor sanguinis
Wait My Soul, In Silence
For God Alone (Ps62)
Matthew 11:25-30
We don't think about anything
A Work Beyond Price
Capacity for Surprise
Name and Event
What Difference Does Trinity Make? (Richard Rohr)
What Difference Does Trinity Make
When God Disappears ( Robert Kennedy )
CD 1Approaching Buddhism
CD 2 All Things Are Independent
CD3 Delusion & Enlightment
CD4 Foregiveness
Wholeness and Holiness- Fr. Joe Pereira
Gentle Shepherd (Song)
Stretching and Breathing
Wholeness and Holiness
Wholeness, Laurence Freeman OSB
CD 1 - Seeking Wholeness
The Call to Wholeness
The Mantra
Why Meditation Breaks the Cycle of Violence
Why Do You Strike Me?
Word into Silence
Learning to be Silent
Leaving Self Behind
Word Made Flesh - CD's
CD 4- I Am as I Am
CD 5 -All You Have To Do Is Begin
CD1-Who Is At The Center?
CD2- His Time, His Prayer
CD3- The Silence of Love
Yoga Breathing
Yoga Breathing
Your Power to Create
Your Power to Create Clip
Your Primal Nature
Your Primal Nature