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Audio teachings by Fr. Freeman

Born in London in 1951, Laurence Freeman was taught meditation by John Main, and became his successor. He is the Spiritual guide of the World Community for Christian Meditation, and a Benedictine monk. He leads retreats and seminars, and nurtures interfaith understanding.
A Sincere Form of Prayer
Product ID : 6345-1
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Price:  $10.95
The Ego 2
Product ID : 6343-12
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Price:  $10.00
The Journey of Meditation CD - Laurence Freeman OSB
Product ID : 8017
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Price:  $11.95
Prayer in the 21st Century - Laurence Freeman
Product ID : 6343
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Price:  $10.00
The Tradition of Meditation
Product ID : 6343-8
Every time we sit down to meditate, John Main says, we are entering a...
Price:  $10.00
The Ego 1
Product ID : 6343-4
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Price:  $10.00
In Praise of Beauty
Product ID : 8091
Price:  $39.95
The Eye of Love - 2 CD's
Hot Deal
Product ID : 8004
Price:  $14.95
Spirituality in a Secular Age
Product ID : 6343-2
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Price:  $10.00
Product ID : 6164

To live in faith is to live in love. ...
Price:  $19.95
The Shape of a Wave
Product ID : 6163
Price:  $38.00
Lessons for the Living from the Dying
Product ID : 8147
Reflections of life, death, suffering, meaning, healing and wholeness from...
Price:  $19.95
The Gift of Being - 2 CD's
Product ID : 8002
These talks on meditation by Laurence Freeman are the second in an ongoing...
Price:  $14.95
The Gift of Love
Product ID : 6200
Price:  $19.95
Hidden Treasure and Fine Pearls- Laurence Freeman OSB
Product ID : 8089
"The understanding of parables is an essential part of being a...
Price:  $44.95
Letting Go
Hot Deal
Product ID : 8014
Wonderful talks to prepare for personal or group meditation, with timed...
Price:  $19.95
Oneness Unity in Contemplation DVD
Product ID : 6158
Price:  $35.00
LORD Teach Us to Pray
Product ID : 6134
As featured in the WCCM July Newsletter. Fr. Laurence invites us to go deeper...
Price:  $10.95