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Bede Griffiths

Bede Griffiths
Bede Griffiths was an English Benedictine monk who achieved worldwide recognition for his pioneering efforts to bridge the great traditions of Christian and Hindu faith, thought and custom. For 35 years until his death in 1993, he ran the Christian ashram of Shantivanam in India, a Benedictine community open to people of all faiths. His many classic works include Return to the Centre.
Bede Griffiths - The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6281
Videotapes of the 1991 John Main Seminar. Complete Set
Price:  $79.95
Bede Griffiths and the Future of Christian Wisdom
Product ID : 8054
John Main Seminar - The 10th anniversary of Bede Griffiths' death summoned us...
Price:  $44.95
The One Light
Product ID : 7002
A selection of writings that follows Bede Griffiths' spiritual journeys.
Price:  $29.95
Bede Griffiths: Friend & Gift of the Spirit
Product ID : 6085
Price:  $20.00
Bede Griffiths: Christ in the Lotus
Product ID : 6217DVD
Conversation between Bede Griffiths and Laurence Freeman during a visit to...
Price:  $19.95
New Vision of Reality
Hot Deal
Product ID : 8030
Recordings of Bede Griffiths on themes from his book, A New Vision of...
Price:  $19.95
The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6277
Price:  $19.95
The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6278
Price:  $19.95
The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6209
Price:  $19.95
The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6279
Price:  $19.95
The New Creation in Christ
Product ID : 6280
Price:  $19.95
Return to the Center
Product ID : 6043
Of all Griffiths' books this is surely the most beautifully written and the...
Price:  $18.95
River of Compassion
Product ID : 7003
The Hindu classic the Bhagavad Gita is part of the spiritual inheritance of...
Price:  $18.95
The Golden String
Product ID : 6042
This is an astonishing book - the autobiography of a man who, after studies...
Price:  $18.95
The Marriage of East and West
Product ID : 6044
Possibly his most famous book, explaining how the eastern religious tradition...
Price:  $18.95
Beyond the Darkness
Product ID : 6145
"'A holy life,' the early Christian monks said, 'is better than a sermon.'...
Price:  $17.95
Bede Griffiths: Essential Writings
Product ID : 7056

"Bede Griffiths speaks expecially to...

Price:  $15.00
Bede Griffiths: Christ in India
Product ID : 6256
This book is partly autobiographical, describing how Bede Griffiths put his...
Price:  $14.95