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Contemplative Life
12995 N. Oracle Rd.
Suite 141-405
Tucson, Arizona 85739

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Suddenly There is God
$31.00 Sale Price:  $25.95
Silence and Stillness in Every Season
Back in Stock
Price:  $19.95
Orange Dust
$25.00 Sale Price:  $12.50
The ABCs of Thomas Merton
$16.99 Sale Price:  $10.00
Into The Silent Land
Price:  $18.95
A Good Neighbor
Full of practical insights about community,...
Price:  $14.99
A Walk with Four Spiritual Guides- Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Ramakrishna
"Combining and fusing all the wisdom of the voices of these great lovers of...
Price:  $15.99
Adam's Return


Price:  $16.95
Anthony de Mello - Modern Spiritual Masters Series
"Texts chosen with a diviner's instinct for the richest veins of living water...
Price:  $20.00
Contemplative Prayer for Today
Fr. Ernie has been described as a 'modern pioneer of Carmelite spirituality.'...
Price:  $12.95
Dark Night of the Soul
A Masterpiece in the Literature of Mysticism by ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS
Price:  $11.95
Desert Wisdom
These stories and sayings of the Christian hermits from fourth-and...
Price:  $15.00
Finding the Monk Within
Price:  $24.00
Gandhi and Non-Violence
"This work analyzes Gandhian non-violence. The analysis is able, thourough...
Price:  $19.95
Hildegard of Bingen
This essential reader captures the vibrant spirit and intelligence of...
Price:  $16.95
In Silence

A wide – ranging, eloquent exploration of humanity’s intimate...

Price:  $15.00
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