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Harmony in the Soul

Harmony in the Soul
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Price: $38.00
Product ID : 8135
Manufacturer: Laurence Freeman, OSB
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Audio Tracks

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  Track Title Length
1.   The Shadow Side 00:09:26
4.   Prayer Is About Reality 00:06:40
5.   Wisdom Born From Experience 00:07:15
1.   Were We Are Now 00:08:35
2.   Virtues of Patience 00:08:27
3.   Longing For Depth 00:10:21
3.   The Meaning of Prayer 00:06:10
1.   The Role of Prophecy 00:11:02
2.   Our Hunger for God 00:09:58
2.   Shelf Knowedge- The Work of the Soul 00:10:41
1.   Entering Into Union With God 00:11:06
2.   A Listening Heart 00:13:30
3.   Religion Can Unify 00:13:20
4.   The Deepest Desire of Our Hearts 00:10:45


Harmony in the Soul

Laurence Freeman, OSB

It is a paradox that the soul that longs for harmony is challenged by inner conflict. We often battle with the shadow side of ourselves. Exploring the work of the great prophets of Islam and Christianity, Fr. Laurence says that harmony in the soul is found not destroying this dark side but in reintegrating it with the self. This he says is the work of meditation. It changes our negative thought-patterns and leads us to self knowledge so that we are no longer intimidated by our shadow side. This inner harmony then spreads outwards into our lives and begins to change the world.  

CD1 Introduction


  1. 12:25
  2. 11:55
  3. 10:22
  4. 13:50

CD2 Noah


  1. 10:59
  2. 09:53
  3. 14:19
  4. 11:08
  5. 11:13

CD3  Noah & Abraham


  1. 11:40
  2. 10:39
  3. 12:16
  4. 12:30

CD4  Abraham


  1. 11:06
  2. 13:39
  3. 13:19
  4. 10:45

CD5   Moses


  1. 15:12
  2. 14:50
  3. 14:39
  4. 14:20

CD6  Jesus & Mohammed


  1. 11:10
  2. 13:26
  3. 12:32
  4.  9:27






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