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Contemplative Life
12995 N. Oracle Rd.
Suite 141-405
Tucson, Arizona 85739

Contemplative Music

Contemplative Music
Christmas at St. Michael's Abbey - Chants for the Three Masses of Christmas
Listen to audio sample on product page
Price:  $16.95
The Book of Rounds
Listen to audio sample on home page...
Price:  $14.95
The Chants of the Holy Spirit
Please visit product page to hear Communion Spiritus Sanctus
Price:  $18.95
The Chants of Mary
Hear Salve Regina (Solemn tone) on product page
Price:  $18.95
Christmas: Midnight Mass and Mass of the Day
Hot Deal
Includes Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Offertories, Communions, Responses,...
Price:  $16.95
Fire of Love
Margaret Rizza's Second, wonderful collection of contemplative music. It...
Price:  $16.95
Fire of Silence through Music and Mystics
New Conference from the 2006 John Main Seminar in Malaysia! Can the...
Price:  $38.00
Gregorian Melodies Popular Chants
Price:  $16.95
Her Music for Forgiveness
This selection will give...
Price:  $14.50
Her Music for Harp
Price:  $13.95
Her Music for Healing- DVD
See Video sample on product page.
Price:  $30.95
Her Music of Mystery
Margaret Rizza has selected pieces from the Price:  $13.50
His Love Endures Forever

Gloriae Dei Cantores presents the third...
Price:  $18.95
Light in Our Darkness
Light in Our Darkness is a collection of Chants and Psalms. I am...
Price:  $23.95
Music Into Silence- Margaret Rizza
Hot Deal
For meditators who wish to have a gentle way to time their meditation. Music,...
Price:  $9.95
Officium Divinum- Margaret Rizza
Music for the four periods of daily prayer: Morning, Midday, Evening and...
Price:  $19.95
Open Our Hearts - Christian Meditation for Children
The teaching of Christian Meditation to children provides a gift that can...
Price:  $24.00