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Sanctuary- James Finley/Alana Levandoski

Sanctuary- James Finley/Alana Levandoski
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  Track Title Length
Every Breath is Grace 00:04:21
Encountering The Inner Child 00:02:33


Exploring the Healing Path with
James Finley & Alana Levandoski
Includes 12 tracks and Booklet with text of chants
From the Producer Alana Levandoski

The reason I wanted to make this project is because more than ever, I see in my own life, that anything I have not transformed, I transmit. I see this as the main cause of all violence in the world. If we feel misunderstood and frustrated, it is usually because we are triggered in an area that hasn’t fully healed. The ego will always try to protect our soft spots. Our vulnerability.

What I have personally discovered is that when we choose to walk the path of healing, we eventually become people who can energetically unify with the world’s suffering and participate in its healing instead of wallow in our own story. But our story must be told before we get to this unitive place. Somehow, it always starts with how we treat ourselves, how we treat those we know, and eventually those we do not personally know but are connected to, at the incarnate level. Somehow we learn that the whole of creation is infused by and loved by God as much as we are and we are able to compassionately witness the suffering and not hold onto it but somehow give it over to light and love.

The album is sequenced in three sections: Purgation, Illumination and Unitive. The inner child shows up three times in the voice of the Edmonton Children’s Choir.  It feels like a true offering.

“With such a combination as James Finley and Alana Levandoski, you can be sure that head, heart, soul and cells of the body will encounter healing”

   - Richard Rohr

Click on This Link To Watch Video of James Finley Talk About Sanctuary

Track 1: PURGATION:  In Your Most Childlike Hour
Track 2: MOVE SLOWLY: Every Breath Is Grace
Track 3: WAITING TO BE MET: There is a Place
Track 4: ENCOUNTERING THE INNER CHILD: Sustained in All Things
Track 5: SO FAR TO GO: The Hurting Places
Track 7: I BELIEVE YOU: Do not Perpetuate Violence

Track 8:  The Hurting Places
Track 9: Sustained in All Things
Track 10: There Is A Peace
Track 11: Every Breath Is Grace
Track 12: In Your Most Childlike Home

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