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Contemplative Life
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John Main

John MainTeachings and Seminars
John Main OSB (1926-1982) believed that the contemplative experience creates community. His genius was to recover and to re-present a way into this experience for ordinary people from within the Christian contemplative tradition. In the teaching of the desert monks on pure prayer he found the practice of the mantra. Realising that this way of prayer could further the search of many modern people for a deeper spiritual life, he recommended two regular daily periods of meditation to be integrated with the usual practices of Christian life.
Door To Silence
Product ID : 6322
Price:  $12.99
Essential Teaching
Product ID : 8006
Price:  $14.95
From Brokenness to Wholeness
Product ID : 6246
Price:  $39.95
Fully Alive
Product ID : 8145
Price:  $10.95
Fully Alive
Product ID : 8145B
Price:  $15.00
In the Beginning
Product ID : 8146
Price:  $19.95
In Times of Anxiety
Product ID : 6343-9
Price:  $10.00
Monastery Without Walls
Product ID : 6118
Price:  $30.00
Radical Simplicity - John Main CD
Product ID : 3002
Price:  $9.00
Still Present
Product ID : 8164
Price:  $44.95