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Contemplative Life
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Tucson, Arizona 85739

Margaret Rizza

Margaret Rizza
Margaret Rizza?s distinctive style of hauntingly beautiful melodies is now recognized around the world as an example of all that is holy and best in sacred music. Her compositions are written as ostinatos or mantras and are wonderfully melodic, often with simple, repetitive melodies, carrying short, usually Scriptural, texts. Each piece may be sung by one person or many (in glorious choral parts), unaccompanied or backed by a whole music group. For those who prefer to sit, listen, and enjoy, the recordings of her music are stunning. These collections are some of the most wonderful music resources for contemplative worship today! Margaret Rizza studied at the Royal College of Music, London, and completed her training in Italy. She has utilized her gifts as a world-class opera singer, a broadcaster, and a choral conductor throughout her career. Since 1986, Rizza has dedicated herself to the world of spirituality and to the wider aspect of music in the community. She leads many retreats, days of prayer, days of music and meditation, and vocal and choral workshops.
Fire of Love
Product ID : 6203
Price:  $16.95
Fire of Silence through Music and Mystics
Product ID : 8134
Price:  $38.00
Her Music for Forgiveness
Product ID : 6162
Price:  $14.50
Her Music for Harp
Product ID : 6356
Price:  $13.95
Her Music for Healing- DVD
Product ID : 6220-DVD
Price:  $30.95
Her Music of Mystery
Product ID : 6352
Price:  $13.50
Light in Our Darkness
Product ID : 9102
Price:  $23.95
Officium Divinum- Margaret Rizza
Product ID : 3006
Price:  $19.95
Silence of the Soul
Product ID : 9105
Price:  $24.75
Songs and Prayers-2
Product ID : 6198
Price:  $15.95
The Word of All Life
Product ID : 9110
Price:  $20.95