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Newly Arrived Productd

Newly Arrived Products
In keeping with our mission. 
"To present the best of contemplative teachings. Through contemplative awareness, one becomes open and present to the mystery of God in the here and now—in the midst of daily life."
The following products have been carefully selected to accomplish this  mission.
A Mystic's Work: Julian of Norwich
Product ID : 7300
Listen to sample audio on product page
$99.95 Sale Price:  $29.95
A Personal Spirituality CD Set
Product ID : 7301
Listen to sample audio on product page
$69.95 Sale Price:  $49.95
Who Are We? Henri Nouwen on Our Christian Identity
Product ID : 7216
Listen to Audio sample on product page
$49.95 Sale Price:  $17.95
Whatever Arises Love That
Product ID : 6410
Hear audio sample on product page.
$79.95 Sale Price:  $56.95
Mindfulness- 3 CDs
Product ID : 1137
Price:  $24.95
Thomas Merton - On Monastic Spirituality
Product ID : 1138
$149.95 Sale Price:  $49.95
Serenity and Contemplation
Product ID : 1131
Listen To Audio Sample On Product Page
$119.95 Sale Price:  $39.95
Recovery - One Breath At A Time
Product ID : 1125
Mindfulness Practices For Overcoming Addition.
Price:  $19.95
Getting Unstuck - Pema Chödrön
Product ID : 1124
A practice to help with distractions. Listen to audio sample on product page
Price:  $24.95
The Divine Milieu: Teilhard de Chardin
Hot Deal
Product ID : 7057CD
$65.95 Sale Price:  $12.95
The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm
Product ID : 3062
Price:  $14.99
Speaking Peace
Product ID : 1094
Listen to audio sample on product page
Price:  $24.95
Joan Chittister - Essential Writings
Product ID : 3060
New Joan Chittister, Between the Dark and the Daylight - Embracing the...
Price:  $22.00
The Calm Center - Reflections and Meditations for Spiritual Awakening
Product ID : 1086
Listen and watch author read from The Calm Center on product page.
Price:  $17.00
In The Stillness Dancing - The Journey of John Main
Product ID : 1083
Price:  $12.95
Beauty's Field - Seeing the World
Product ID : 7267
New Book by Fr. Laurence Feeman
Price:  $15.95
The Way of Perfection- St. Teresa of Avila
Product ID : 1081
500th Anniversary Edition - 1515-2015
Price:  $15.99
Saint Francis of Assisi- Brother of Creation & Saint Teresa of Avila
Hot Deal
Product ID : 3054-56
Combination Sale
Price:  $19.90