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A Lever and A Place to Stand - Richard Rohr CD Set

A Lever and A Place to Stand - Richard Rohr CD Set
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Audio Tracks

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  Track Title Length
2.   CD 1 -John Main and Theme 00:02:19
2.   CD 4 - Scapegoating 00:02:04
2.   CD 2 - Paradox and Mystery 00:02:17
3.   Give Your Life Away 00:02:17
1.   Affirming Teaching of John Main 00:03:02


A Lever and a Place to Stand

Richard Rohr

“The world knows when we are just quoting clichés that we hardly believe ourselves, just mouthing doctrine not connected to the lived experience of humanity.” begins Fr Richard Rohr at the teaching for the John Main Seminar in Thousand Oaks, California. In his loving and humorously confrontational manner, he reminds us to embrace our humanity and encourages us to question the ways in which we live our beliefs. Expanding on the theme of ‘contemplation and actions’, Rohr speaks of the lack of inner experience and inner authority in our Western culture. “Every viewpoint,” Rohr says, “is a view from a point.” Beyond the world of constantly changing opinion, we can find a place to stand, in our true self, which enables us to see beyond the fixed boundaries of the ego. Many of John Main’s teachings are interwoven into this 3-day conference series as Rohr describes “the inward, downward journey that sets us free.”


  • CD1 Entertaining Ourselves to Death
  • CD2 Religion: A Transformative System?
  • CD3 Discarding Boundaries
  • CD4 Contemplative Stance
  • CD5 The Scapegoat and homily.
  • CD6 Questions and Conversation



1- Entertaining Ourselves to Death 1 Introduction 05:27
2 Gifted by Teachings of John Main 13:59
3 Mystery of Transformation 15:21
4 Meditation Overcomes Ego 16:38
5 The Disguise of the Ego 13:51
2- Religion a Transformation System? 1 Religion as a Belonging System 15:31
2 Paradox and Mystery 17:15
3 Our Cadillac Faith 17:38
3 Discarding Boundaries 1 Healing of Self 12:31
2 Church Structure 14:12
3 Moving to the Edge 13:07
4 World Demographics 14:21
4 Contemplative Stance 1 What is Behind Hate? 15:45
2 Scapegoating 18:05
3 You do not have the right to Hate 16:49
4 Our Need to be Hatefull 15:39
5-The Scapegoating and homily 1 Meditation is a Vocation 12:40
2 Wisdom of Gifts 12:07
3 Give Your Life Away 12:09
4 Admit Your Powerlessness 11:57
5 Liturgy and Homily 6:49
6 Questions and Conversation 1 Affirming the Teaching of John Main 11:51
2 Lectio Together 20:03
3 Fr. Laurence Comments 11:33
4 Questions to Fr. Rohr 16:08



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